5 Pilates Youtubers I Recommend

May 23, 2023
May 23, 2023 Claire

5 Pilates Youtubers I Recommend

Safe and Informed Pilates Creators I Like

Pilates is very much having its moment right now. It’s a huge trend on social media, and some of our favorite celebs have mentioned Pilates as a big part of their fitness regimen. Many people don’t know that Pilates can be done without spending a bunch of money to go to classes using the reformers. You can do Pilates on your mat using your body and some Pilates props if you would like.  I’m going to share 5 Pilates creators on YouTube that I really enjoy, and I think they share safe and informed Pilates sequences on their platforms. If you are looking to start your Pilates journey or are curious about other options, I hope these creators are helpful.

1. Isa Welly- https://www.youtube.com/@Isawelly

2. Move With Nicole- https://www.youtube.com/@MoveWithNicole

3. Flow With Mira – https://www.youtube.com/@FlowWithMira

4. Lottie Murphy- https://www.youtube.com/@LottieMurphy

5. PilatesBodyRaven- https://www.youtube.com/@pilatesbodyraven